🌟 Transform your virtual presentations into impressive audience experiences

Stand out in your industry with stunning live virtual experiences that you can effortlessly run on your own, even if you're not tech-savvy. 😉

🦸‍♂️ The secret superpower to captivate your virtual audiences 

After helping hundreds of performers, coaches, teachers and presenters from all over the world crafting their unique interactive virtual experience, there is something really important I want you to know:

If you think that creating a great virtual experience for your audiences is about mastering tech, owning top-of-the-line equipment or having a team, you couldn’t be more wrong

Because the secret to putting together a virtual experience that will leave your audience in awe is actually all about control.

You must be sure that the experience they are having is the one that you have designed for them.

You must know exactly what they are seeing and hearing.

You must see the audience, you must feel the audience and stay fully present with them.

You must be able to confidently control your experience.

And the more bells and whistles you add, the less control you have over your presentation.

The more equipment you add, the less confident you are to run your experience.

The more people you add, the less flexibility you have to conduct your own presentation.

Throwing money at the problem is not the solution and tech is not what you need to master. What you need to master in order to deliver a truly unique virtual experience to your audience is how to be in the flow with them.

Once you learn how to create a virtual experience that is as immersive for you as it is for the audience…

When you are able to smoothly conduct the experience, interacting with the audience and controlling everything with ease…

You unleash the superpower to engage and hold the attention of your virtual audience, to teletransport them to your world and make them forget they are in a meeting on Zoom.

🎯 The surefire way to creating an immersive live virtual experience

It doesn’t have to be hard

Creating a unique and engaging, immersive experience that you can actually run entirely by yourself is something that is well within the range of your capacity.

And collaborating in-the-field, mentoring hundreds of professionals, and monitoring their virtual performances worldwide, I came to realize what are the key elements to create this kind of experience.

If you want to create a truly great experience for your audience, you have to make it a great experience for yourself first.

To make your live virtual experience interactive and immersive, for you and for your audience, you need to create flow and eliminate the friction in every aspect of your production. You must have:


The right tools:

To host, produce and control an experience designed to be unique and immersive for the entire audience


The right methods:

To use the tools in a way that allow you to conduce your experience by yourself with confidence


The right workflows:

To make the experience simple and comfortable to control without distractions

When you learn to structure your presentations like this you master incredibly useful skills, you create huge value for your clients, and you’re confident to promote and charge for your work.

You’re able to reach different audiences, impact more people, expanding the limits and elevating your work and your business

You might be thinking at this point that taking control of your own tech and creating virtual experiences that are truly unique is easier said than done.

Yes, as with all things in life, it is. But it’s also really fun, and when you make it work, it’s genuinely game-changing.

🌎 The Inside The Show Program

Inside The Show is the only program on the planet specially tailored for creating one-person operated highly interactive virtual performances and presentations.

I’ve understood that it takes more than mastering some skills to actually stop struggling with the tech, and leverage the virtual stage to tell your unique story in your unique way. You have to build your confidence working in the field, with the support of like-minded people.

That's why Inside The Show is built as an ecosystem: a learning environment designed to provide you with the guidance, the methods and workflows, and all the support you need to create the most unique and highly engaging virtual experiences possible.

No matter if you have never done it before,if you have no team or if you are not tech-savvy.

t’s also a strong community of peers. A professional network of performers and presenters from 42 countries around the world who are day-after-day trying out new things, sharing their experiences and helping to push the limits of the virtual world.

🕹 A Community-Based Program with Exclusive tools and Resources

When you join Inside The Show you gain access to the program’s private community where everything happens (and where there is always something new happening!)

The ITS community spaces are structured in 4 main areas:



All the resources you need to get up and running quickly: step-by-step guides, replays and live sessions



This is where you will post your work, discover what others are doing and access our 24/7 practice simulator



Here is where you get to learn and share your expertise with peers from all different industries



A growing collection of scenes and overlays to instantly upgrade the level of your virtual experiences

There you find the exclusive tools and resources that I build in collaboration with the members of the program to make their virtual experiences the most interactive and smooth to control they can be.

We are always working on improving the existing resources and developing new things to help you to make your audience feel more involved, make your presentations better and stress-free to run.

And, when I say ALWAYS, I mean it! We are always cooking new things to level up what you can do in the virtual stage.

📺 24x7 Zoom Audience Simulator

The first resource I want to show you is the Zoom Simulator, which is actually a real Zoom call that stays 24/7 open for you to join and practice.

We’ve created this Zoom call with 25 bot participants and as soon as you join it you automatically become co-host so you can practice pinning, spotlighting, muting and unmuting people… you can test every aspect of your presentation, practice and make adjustments before running your event.

It’s a real Zoom call for you to practice how your presentation will work in the real world.

When you’re working on the Simulator, if you don’t want to be seen, you can let your camera and audio off and if there are other members in the call, they will be just spectators on your call.

If there are more people on the call, it's actually better because you have not only the fake participants, but real people on your screen.

You can also let your camera on and interact with them, if you want. In fact, the Simulator has become a hub, a place for the members to trade ideas, catch up and spend some time together.

It's become so valuable for the members to use the simulator to create and prepare their experiences that many of them cannot see themselves working without the simulator anymore.

🚀 Manage your entire Zoom audience from the Stream Deck with Maestro System

Maestro is the proprietary platform, the unique system I designed in collaboration with the Inside The Show members.

It is built to maximize the connection with the audience and eliminate friction in your presentation in a way that you can create incredible experiences that are not possible by any other means.

Within the Maestro System you can create all the workflows you need to manage the audience on Zoom, to produce and control the experience by yourself with ease.

When you join Inside The Show you don’t start from ground zero, you’ll already have a set of Stream Deck workflows we’ve developed to get up and running quickly:

Display any number of participants around your camera and auto-adjust as people join and leave.

Select up to 4 participants on-the-fly and bring them to the stage with you with a single press of a button.

Bring a random (or pre-selected) participant to the stage with you with a super visual on-screen roulette.

Mute all the participants on Zoom, but not the cohosts, so you don't interrupt others that are presenting alongside you.

Cycle through participants you are displaying on screen with a single button to make quick interactions with everyone.

Unmute part of the audience instantly with a single button to fill the room with the participants reactions.

You can be focused on the experience, working on raising the audience engagement without worrying about the tech. Because managing the audience is as easy as pointing and clicking.

This level of interaction, capturing reactions, managing engagement on the fly, is something that was not possible before, even with a team.

And we’ve made it possible with Maestro.

😱 Responsive interactive Zoom galleries with spectators around you

Using these responsive gallery scenes is not just an elegant, beautiful way to display your audience around you.

It’s a powerful tool designed to give you the confidence to be focused on the presentation and deliver a top-of-the-industry experience to your clients.

👷 How it’s all gonna work

When you first arrive in the program, we have what we call an Acceleration Sprint, a cohort-based learning period of intensive hands-on practice.

Each week, we have a combination of live mentorship sessions, practice sessions and practice assignments focused on getting you ready to create your own experiences as fast as possible.

You're going to learn how to use all Inside The Show tools and workflows to boost engagement, manage the audience easily and create great experiences for the audience and for yourself.

Whatever your starting point is, you can expect to have a well-advanced level on creating unique highly interactive virtual experiences within the 4 weeks of the Acceleration Sprint.

🚀 Get up and running in 4 weeks

The first four weeks of the program are focused on getting you up and running with weekly mentorship sessions with Felippe, optional drop-in practice sessions and guest sessions with lightning and sound experts and incredible professionals that are pushing the limits of the virtual presentations in their fields. 

And beyond that you have 24/7 access to the Zoom Simulator to practice everything you are learning at any the most convenient time for you and guided practice sessions with Alan Marriott that are going to be scheduled in different times to contemplate a greater range of timezones.

🌟 Beyond Week 4

During these first four weeks we’re fully dedicated to helping the new members get up to speed with running their own virtual experiences by themselves, with confidence.

We are Sunday to Sunday in the community, in the live sessions. And the senior members often join these acceleration sprints to get up-to-date and catch up with the latest and greatest.

Having these professionals bringing their questions, talking about things that are bogging them down, ideas they want to try, everyone collaborating with the same goal is something unique.

And at the end of the Acceleration Sprint, you’re ready to take full advantage of this, that may well be the true secret of this program, one of its most powerful resources, for sure: the Inside The Show community.

🙌 Private Inside The Show Community

Our community is the space where we take inputs in the form of ideas, refine them into valuable assets, work to improve our virtual experiences and create new ideas in a virtuous cycle of innovation and mutual support.

Every single feature of the program is developed from the collaboration we have inside the community.

We’re a supportive community of peers, sharing experiences, getting help, learning with each other, collaborating on ideas, taking feedback and using it to improve your virtual experiences.

Inside The Show has a lot of things to help you take your virtual interactive production to the next level, but its most valuable asset is, by far, its community. Being able to participate in the community has generated the most glowing testimonials from our members.

👨‍💻 The Inside The Show A- Level support

When you join Inside The Show you get access to the best support team on earth: the Inside The Show Support Squad of dedicated experts (including me 😀)

A team of experts ready to help you implement your ideas and get you unstuck.

You don't want to get blocked by things. You want to be able to express your creativity.

And we are here to help you.

Your questions are answered within 24 hours in the community. You have a direct channel for you to ask anything you may need.

The dedication and the quality of the Inside The Show is something you’ll not find anywhere else. Every single member knows this, and I am fully committed to helping you get to the level that you envision.

🤔 Frequently Asked Question

Hi, I'm Felippe! 😁

It’s been over 3 years since I opened the Inside The Show program for the first time, following the collaboration with Dan White in The Magician Online production. Throughout this time we’ve become a strong community of peers, working on new ideas, and creating unique experiences that can only exist in the virtual medium.

I’ve been working with incredible professionals, from part-time performers to industry leaders helping them put together the unique interactive virtual experiences they envision. ✨

I’m passionate about creating engagement and interactivity in impactful virtual experiences and fascinated by the challenge of making them easy to control by the presenters themselves.

I’m always looking into new ways to help you shine greater in this new stage, and open up your career to the opportunities only the virtual medium can provide.