10–16 April 2023

Virtual Audiences
Masterclass Week

A FREE hands-on event to transform your virtual presentations into truly impressive experiences for your virtual audiences

WOW your Virtual Audience and standout in your industry

In today's day and age having a strong online presence as a speaker, a performer, a coach or an instructor can open up massive oportunities in your career and business

During this event you will learn the step-by-step to create impressive, highly engaging virtual audience experiences all by yourself.

And you will be surprised by how easy it can be when you have the right tools, workflows and resources.


How this is going to work

This will be a hands-on week to BOOTSTRAP your own interactive live virtual experiences with a Live Masterclass series on Zoom, live practice sessions, live Q&As, tutorials and PDFs

We'll go through the same process I use in my flagship program Inside The Show to help performers from all over the world to create their unique interactive virtual experiences.

You'll access the exclusive Inside The Show private community of peers and teaching assistants to be inspired and get feedback.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned virtual presenter, you'll walk away from this week with a professional looking interactive virtual presentation and invaluable content and resources you won't find ANYWHERE else

Hi, I'm Felippe! 😁

It’s been over 50 months since I opened the Inside The Show program for the first time. Throughout this time we’ve become a strong community of peers, working on new ideas, and creating unique experiences that can only exist in the virtual medium.

I’ve been collaborating with Dan White in The Magician Online production and many other incredible professionals, from part-time performers to industry leaders helping them put together the unique interactive virtual experiences they envision. ✨

I’m passionate about creating engagement and interactivity in impactful virtual experiences and fascinated by the challenge of making them easy to control by the presenters themselves.

I’m always looking into new ways to help performers shine greater in this new stage, and open up their career to the opportunities only this medium can provide.