Take one-person
Virtual Performances
to the next level


In this hands-on Masterclass week, you will be guided through all of the steps you need to put together high value interactive virtual experiences designed to create intimate connection with your audience and stand out on the virtual stage.


Your own virtual experience

Put together your own interactive virtual experience, from preparing the event to smoothly running everything by yourself.


A hands-on event

A 4 episode Masterclass series with a ton of activities and resources: live Q&As, live practice sessions, tutorials and PDFs


Feedback & Discussions

You'll access the exclusive Inside The Show private community of peers and teaching assistants to be inspired and get feedback.


All levels

You will find invaluable content and resources whether you are a beginner or a seasoned virtual performer

The Masterclass Series

The 4 episodes of the The Virtual Stage Masterclass Week Masterclass Series will be released from June 6 to 12.

In these Masterclasses you'll learn how to build up high value interactive virtual experiences that help you to stand-out: from hosting the event, organizing your workflows, to smoothly running everything by yourself.

How it is going to work

We'll go through the same process I use in my flagship program Inside The Show to help performers from all over the world to create their unique interactive virtual experiences.

During this week, you'll access exclusive resources you won't find ANYWHERE else

  • Experience our private community of supportive peers to be inspired and get feedback from Inside The Show members.

  • Access the Inside The Show Zoom Simulator — a 1080p enabled Zoom Call with 25+ simulated participants where our members practice their virtual experiences just like they will be in the real world

  • Receive guidance and assistance of our A-Level Support Squad throughout the event to help you take the most out of the experience.

  • Get step-by-step tutorias and support material to each step of your journey 

Hi! I'm Felippe

I'm the creator of the Inside The Show program where I've been helping brilliant professionals, from part-time performers to industry leaders, put together incredible online performances they can run by themselves.

I’m always looking into new ways to help performers shine greater in this new stage, and open up their career to the opportunities only this medium can provide.

Let's build your virtual experience together

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